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DeLisle, Mississippi, USA

We Meet Environmental Requirements
We take over 4000 environmental measurements each year to ensure compliance with the laws and regulations governing our operations. All operations, including wells and discharge sites are monitored continually by computerized systems that signal any sign of potential hazard; many of our processes are automatically controlled by computer systems that strengthen our ability to protect employees, the community and the environment.
As a member of the highly regulated chemical industry, we are subject to extensive regulatory supervision by Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), among others.

Sustainable Growth is Our Cornerstone
The cornerstone of Chemours's environmental stewardship is sustainable growth - constantly reducing the environmental footprint of our operations while bringing value to the community and ensuring that our activities are compatible with nature. We operate with the consent of the community and we are committed to honoring that consent every day through our performance.
Chemours DeLisle has approximately 3500 acres of land on its plant site. Of that, approximately 2,000 acres are undeveloped forestlands. More than 1,000 acres of wildlife habitat is maintained in its natural state within these forestlands and we intend that it be kept that way. In 2002, the plant sold over 600 acres of pristine timberland to The Nature Conservancy, which turned it over to the State of Mississippi as part of the state's Coastal Preserves Program. Through this effort, Chemours is helping ensure that our environmental heritage on the Gulf Coast continues to honored and preserved.

We are committed to Core Values
Like all employees at Chemours sites worldwide, we are committed to Chemours's core values.

Employees are the Key to Success
In cooperation with the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, the site offers extensive on-site operator training in electrical, machine shop, and computer skills. Several employees have earned Chemours Excellence Awards in Safety, Health, and Environment; Engineering; and Marketing. In addition, many employees hold patents for their innovative contributions to the TiO2 business. DeLisle employee contributions to the community include the following activities:

  • American Red Cross blood drives and United Way donations
  • Equipment donations to local schools and fire departments
  • Civic commitments (e.g., Mississippi Manufacturing Association, Mississippi Enterprise Technology, District Workforce Council, and Community Advisory Panel)
  • A safety commitment that has reduced reportable air emissions 74%, non-hazardous waste generation 18%, and wastewater discharges 51.3%
  • Achievement of the State of Mississippi Quality Award
  • Recognition as Large Industry of the Year by the Harrison County Development Commission and Coast Chamber of Commerce
ISO 9002 Certificate