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Ti-Pure® RPS Vantage®

Ti-Pure® RPS Vantage® TiO2 is specifically designed for use in paper.  RPS Vantage® TiO2 provides the best opacifying performance available to the paper industry through very efficient light scattering through scientifically engineered particle size and distribution.  In addition,  with a brightness of 98 and an L* value of 99.4,  RPS Vantage® TiO2 delivers excellent brightness and whiteness to the paper and paperboard industry.  With a 20-25% performance advantage over anatase TiO2,   RPS Vantage® TiO2 provides:

  • Highest refractive Index minimizing show-through
  • Excellent brightness
  • Superior pigment dispersion
  • Narrow particle size distribution for maximum performance efficiency

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Ti-Pure® RPS Vantage® Datasheet