Let's Join Forces

Using the Ti-Pure™ One Coat™ approach, our experts work with paint manufacturers to create superior performing
paints using Ti-Pure™ Select TS-6300. Together, we can elevate the performance of your paints and
give your customers the products they demand. Contact us to get started.

How to Collaborate and Conquer

Ti-Pure™ One Coat™ is a collaborative engagement with paint producers to create paints that expand the limits of hiding power using TS-6300.
See why you should partner with Ti-Pure™ specialists to integrate TS-6300 into your paints.
  • Formulation Expertise

    To achieve balanced performance, our experts can help you evaluate each individual paint formulation.

  • Ti-Pure™ One Coat™ Paint Property Model

    Our coatings predictor model saves time and labor in the lab when you convert from universal TiO2 to TS-6300.

  • Packaging Flexibility

    Specially engineered packaging options let you easily fit TS-6300 into your production system.