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Semiconductor Manufacturing

Chemical Mechanical Planarization

Chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) levels wafer surfaces before vapor deposition and subsequent processing steps. The working fluid is a slurry of fine abrasive particles, chemicals and water. In CMP, components made with Teflon™ help guard against contamination of process fluids and slurries that come in contact with wafers.


For slurries and DI water, piping of highly pure Teflon™ PFA HP helps prevent the introduction of contaminants. Piping can be joined by thermal welding or with flare-type connections. Teflon™ PFA HP is compatible with chemically aggressive DI water used for dilution and washing.

Fluid-handling Components

Valves, fittings and pumps with all wetted surfaces made from Teflon™ PFA HP or Teflon™ PTFE provide a high level of protection against contamination.

Sensors and Flowmeters

Flowmeters indicate fluid flow rates. Capacitive-type sensors shielded in dip tubes of high-purity Teflon™ PFA HP monitor fluid levels in tanks. Other designs can sense through walls of tanks or pipe made from Teflon™ PFA HP. Connecting cables are jacketed with Teflon™ PFA for additional protection against contamination.