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Wet Etching

In wet processing, wafers are cleaned and etched, and then cleaned of photoresist and residuals from the etching process. Components of Teflon™ are used in tools and fluid delivery systems to help prevent contamination.


For DI water and chemicals, piping of highly pure Teflon™ PFA HP helps prevent the introduction of contaminants. Piping can be joined by thermal welding or with flare-type connections.

Fluid-Handling Components

Valves, fittings and pumps with all wetted surfaces made from Teflon™ PFA HP or Teflon™ PTFE provide a high level of protection against contamination.

Baths and Sinks

These tool components are made from or lined with Teflon™ PFA HP or Teflon™ PTFE to help prevent contamination of process fluids and wafers. Teflon™ PFA HP can be efficiently molded to form components. Components of Teflon™ are much more resistant to breaking than quartz components.

Wafer Carriers

Teflon™ PFA HP is molded to form carriers for supporting wafers during wet processing. Its chemical resistance and high purity help prevent contamination of wafers that could reduce yields.

Tanks and Containers

Teflon™ PFA HP and Teflon™ PTFE are used to line or form tanks and containers of many sizes for storing and dispensing ultra-pure aggressive chemical fluids. For applications involving pressure, tanks of metal or reinforced plastic may be lined with Teflon™ PFA HP. Teflon™ resins are compatible with virtually all chemicals to help protect fluid purity.


Capacitive-type sensors shielded in dip tubes of high-purity Teflon™ PFA HP monitor fluid levels in tanks. Other designs can sense through walls of tanks or pipe made from Teflon™ PFA HP. Connecting electrical cables are jacketed with Teflon™ PFA for additional protection agains contamination.


For removing particulate from liquids and gases, Teflon™ PTFE is used as a filter medium. Teflon™ PFA HP is used for filter housings.