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Better Food Processing with Teflon™

Introducing a new way to fight problems with plugging, corrosion, and sticking during food processing. Components and linings made with Teflon™ can help cut equipment maintenance costs, increase uptime, increase throughput, and safeguard product purity. They also allow use of the same equipment to make a wider range of food products. Easy cleaning reduces the frequency, amount, and severity of cleaning chemicals used in processing facilities -- a benefit to the environment. Reduced downtime for cleaning can potentially improve plant productivity by 15-25%!

You can bank on the nonstick performance, chemical inertness, and exceptional purity of Teflon™ fluoropolymers to keep your food processing equipment running smoothly ... and more profitably. Learn more about these benefits:

  1. Non-Stick Performance Means Easy Cleaning
  2. Reduce Biofilm Buildup
  3. Protect Food Purity
  4. Available for a Wide Range of Food Processing Equipment