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Are you committing identity theft or are you a victim of it?

Contrary to what some people believe, or want you to believe, Teflon™ is not another name for a fluoropolymer, and it’s not a name for a finished product. Teflon™ is a Chemours registered trademark and brand for a family of unique ingredients.

Yet, some sellers and resellers of fluoropolymer applications are mislabeling their products “Teflon” across a range of industries, including automotive, wire and cable, chemical, plumbing and semiconductor, even though their fluoropolymer doesn't come from Chemours. Often this is the case with such specific products as cables, O-rings, plumber’s tape, hoses, sheets, tubes and gaskets.

If you’re a seller or reseller of products like these labeled “Teflon,” you’re committing identity theft.
If you sell products that use the Teflon™ brand for ingredients without a license from Chemours or you call your finished product “Teflon,” you are stealing a brand name and misleading your customers. The Teflon™ brand should only be used to refer to authentic Chemours ingredients contained in properly licensed products.

If you’re buying products like these labeled “Teflon,” you’re a victim of identity theft.
Products mislabeled “Teflon” are sold in-store and many are sold online to OEMs, construction workers, plumbers, auto mechanics, electricians, contractors, telephone technicians, lab technicians, and hardware store retailers. Buying these products means you are being misled and not getting genuine licensed Chemours products. The Teflon™ brand can only be legally used for properly licensed products that contain authentic Chemours ingredients.

Teflon™ — a brand of quality and performance since 1944.
At Chemours, we're proud of the Teflon™ brand. It's a brand that says quality and performance. By ensuring that our brand name is used properly, we’re helping to protect your good name and ours — and ensuring that customers get the products they are paying for.