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For the Semiconductor Industry

Teflon™ Product Line At-A-Glance

Teflon™ fluoroplastic resins are proven materials of choice for components in etching and cleaning equipment and related fluid transport systems. Their exceptional chemical resistance helps prevent contamination of process fluids and extend equipment service life.

Only Chemours makes Teflon™. To be sure you'll get the performance benefits available with Chemours fluoroplastics, specify them by name.

Tefzel™ ETFE fluoroplastics resin is widely used in less demanding applications in the semiconductor industry where its chemical and temperature resistance are satisfactory.

Teflon™ PFA HP and Teflon™ PFA HP Plus Chemours Teflon™ PFA HP and Teflon™ PFA HP Plus are fully-fluorinated plastics specifically tailored for the semiconductor industry's most demanding uses, and they satisfy the industry's need for high purity and minimium extractables.

Components Teflon™ PFA HP and Teflon™ PFA HPPlus offer excellent chemical resistance and purity, with Teflon™ PFA HP Plus offering improved flex life and chemical stress crack resistance.

Components of Teflon™ PFA HP and Teflon™ PFA HP Plus are fabricated with efficient, versatile thermoplastic melt extrusion, and injection, transfer, and rotational molding. The components are used in the semiconductor industry for transport and handling of aggressive, ultrapure fluids. Applications include piping, fittings, valves, wafer carriers, linings for storage tanks and vessels, sinks for wet benches, fluid containers, and labware.