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Teflon™ Industrial Coatings Product Guide

Since their discovery and subsequent introduction under the Teflon™ trademark, fluoropolymers have demonstrated a versatility unmatched by any other engineering material. With a unique combination of properties, Teflon™ industrial coatings have gained acceptance in a wide variety of markets.

Please refer to the typical applications tables for these Teflon™ industrial coating products:

» Teflon™ PTFE

» Teflon™ FEP

» Teflon™ One Coats

» Teflon™ PTFE/PFA Patented Blends

» Teflon™ PFA

» Teflon™ ETFE


TRADEMARK DISCLAIMER: Teflon™ is a registered trademark of Chemours for our brand of fluoropolymer resins. The Teflon™ brand name is licensed by Chemours in association with approved applications. Without a trademark license, customers may not identify their product with the Teflon™ brand name. Unlicensed customers may refer to the Chemours product offering with only the Chemours product code number and product identifier name or descriptor as Chemours sells its product offerings. There are no fair use rights to use the Teflon™ trademark by buying from Chemours, a Chemours customer or a distributor without a trademark license from Chemours.
All references of the Teflon™ trademark herein are then provided for possible licensing opportunities available behind each identified resin type depicted. If you are interested in applying for our trademark licensing agreement contact Chemours.