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Chemours supplies fluoroplastic film and sheets, sold as FEP and PFA films and under the trademark name Tefzel™ for ETFE film. To have access to the Teflon™ mark for the FEP and PFA films a trademark license with Chemours is needed.

These products are sold into the Composite Release, Chemical Processing, Electrical and Electronic, Packaging, and Specialty Film industries.

Known for their low coefficient of friction, chemical inertness, exceptional dielectric properties, weather / UV resistance, excellent optical properties, negligible moisture absorption, and outstanding performance at temperature extremes, Teflon™ and Tefzel™ films can be thermoformed, laminated, heat-sealed, die-stamped, and oriented for use in a wide variety of applications.

Applications include composite part mold release, anti-corrosive linings, non-stick roll covers, rupture disks, high frequency microwave circuitry, pharmaceutical cap liners, sterile packaging, cable insulation, microphone electret membranes, photovoltaic cell glazing, anti-graffitti coverings, erasable surface coverings, automotive airbag systems, fuel hose permeation barrier, hot melt adhesive, and countless others.

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