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Zonyl™ PTFE

Zonyl™ fluoroadditives are finely divided white powders of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) resin. They are a separate and distinctive new product line, very different from the well-known Teflon™ PTFE molding and extrusion powders. The differences include:
Lower molecular weight Smaller particle sizes (2 to 20 µm) Different particle shapes and morphology

Zonyl™ fluoroadditive powders are designed primarily for use as minority components in mixtures with other solid or liquid materials. Even in small quantities, they can impart some of the unusual properties of PTFE to various hosts. Chemours offers a choice of particle size and morphology to facilitate intimate mixing with dissimilar materials.

Depending on the material, Zonyl™ fluoroadditives can enhance abrasion resistance, reduce coefficient of friction and mechanical wear, reduce surface contamination, and modify appearance. Zonyl™ fluoroadditives also provide specific benefits to specialized products. For example, thermoplastic parts, such as gears, benefit from improved wear resistance and reduced friction. Stick-slip behavior can be eliminated. Elastomeric seals for diverse environments improve in tear and abrasion resistance. Lithographic, flexographic, and gravure inks can be formulated for better image protection and higher productivity.

When used alone as a powder or in a paste or spray, Zonyl™ fluoroadditives can be made into all-purpose solid lubricants. As a paste, for example, they can be used as high-performance sealants or as lubricants for wear surfaces in hostile environments. The powder can be dispersed in water or an organic solvent to provide another option for direct use or as an additive.

Because of their inherent low molecular weight, Zonyl™ fluoroadditives are not to be used as molding or extrusion powders.

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