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Aqueous Dispersions

Teflon™ aqueous dispersions are milky white dispersions of PTFE particles in water, stabilized by wetting agents. They can be further formulated to meet specific needs by adding other solid or liquid ingredients. These aqueous dispersions offer a practical method for coating or impregnating using a resin that does not respond to traditional solvent or melt-processing techniques.

What's New in Teflon™ Dispersions ...
Using new polymer technology and a cleaner, more effective new wetting agent, Chemours introduces a new generation of high-performance Teflon™ PTFE dispersion products.

Yard goods made from Teflon™ aqueous dispersions can be dip-coated with repeated passes until the final desired thickness is obtained. The water is then removed and the other ingredients deactivated. The dried resin particles can be coalesced by heat into a continuous coating or the substrate can remain coated, or impregnated, with unmelted particles. Both glass fabric and synthetic substrates can be processed.

Grades, Characteristics, and Applications
Teflon™ PTFE 





DISP  30 

General-purpose resin composed of 60% PTFE dispersed in water. Contains a nonionic wetting agent and stabilizer. General use; Impregnation; Glass cloth and other fabric coatings; base coat, anti-drip, binder  

DISP  33 
Resin composed of approximately  61% PTFE dispersed in water. Contains a nonionic wetting agent and stabilizer. Fabric coating (high temperature substrates, glass, aramid such as Kevlar™, Nomex™ cloth); conveyor belts, architectual, welding equipment, tapes/sheets, customized parts  

DISP  35 
Resin composed of nominal 35% PTFE dispersed in water with an anionic wetting agent. For co-coagulation purpose, such as filled bearings  


 DISP  40

Good gloss, high shear stability and good weldability; improved abrasion resistance, flex-life and color. 60%  PTFE dispersed in water. Contains a nonionic wetting agent and stabilizer. Impregnation; metal  and fabric coating



Dispersion composed of approximately 60% PFA resin dispersed in water. Contains a nonionic wetting agent and stabilizer. General-purpose product used in a variety of coating applications, such as heat-sealable topcoats

FEPD 121 

Dispersion composed of approximately 54% FEP dispersed in water. Contains a nonionic wetting agent and stabilizer. Fabric and film coating; heat-sealable top coatings for PTFE coated fabrics used for belting, circuit boards or electrical insulation, cast film and as hot melt adhesive for bonding molded PTFE or FEP



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