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Teflon™ PFA HP Plus

Chemours in the Semicon Manufacturing Industry

Fluoropolymer end group models
Teflon™ PFA HP is produced in a proprietary way that virtually eliminates any trace of polymer reactivity. The structure of Teflon™ PFA HP and the process to produce it are patented. This composition is only available from Chemours.

The image on this page shows (top) a model of the fully fluorinated CF3 end group of Teflon™ PFA HP.

The middle end group is an ammonia type end group and at the bottom a hydroxyl end group. Other producers of PFA "me too" polymers use these less stable "old fashioned" ends.

The difference makes a very significant difference.

End group chemistry / properties

The table above compares the critical properties of inert, fully fluorinated end group of Teflon™ PFA HP—to the end groups commonly used on polymers manufactured by other producers of PFA type fluoropolymers.

The competitor's end groups are significantly more reactive than the fully fluorinated end group of Teflon™ PFA HP, and also have much larger dipole moment.

These properties are undesirable because either through direct reaction or high electromagnetic attraction, these end groups can attach and hold ions that are later displaced into the wafer processing medium.

Component performance

The data above, developed by Fluoroware, Inc. (now incorporated as Entegris, Inc.) shows the improvement in component performance provided by Teflon™ PFA HP.

The test measured fluoride ion contamination of ultra pure de-ionized water, and compared a competitive PFA resin of the time, our previous product—and the improvement of Teflon™ PFA HP.

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