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Teflon™ PFA HP Plus

Chemours in the Semicon Manufacturing Industry

To define the attributes and related benefits of Teflon™ PFA HP Plus, Chemours built upon more than a decade of proven reliability of Teflon™ PFA HP.

  • Retaining the same chemistry to provide broad chemical resistance and the fully fluorinated low contamination potential structure.

  • Improved the morphology, the structure of the polymer in solid form, to enhance the features discussed in this presentation, in particular higher mechanical toughness and resistance to environmental stress cracking.

All of the test results—both laboratory and those on fabricated components—affirm that this new generation of fluoropolymers will meet the needs of the Semicon Industry’s roadmap for years, providing semicon manufacturers with long lasting, highly reliable components for critical fluid handling applications, including:

  • Longer component life
    • more tool availability
    • lower maintenance costs
    • lower cost of ownership
  • Universal chemical compatibility
    • ability to handle current and future process chemicals
    • lower maintenance costs
  • Greater component breadth
    • greater design and layout flexibility
  • Improved aesthetics
    • clarity for ease of visual inspection
    • improved surface finish

The combination of improved processing and higher toughness can be expected to allow manufacturers of components to design a new generation of components—components that will provide increased flexibility for FAB layouts, reduce the size of processing tools, and give these advantages to semicon manufacturers:

  • Increased product life
  • Increased system reliability
  • Less maintenance
  • More up time
  • Lower risk
  • Lower cost of ownership

Chemours Teflon™ PFA HP Plus is the latest chapter in the story of a continuing focus by Chemours on serving the semiconductor industry with the purest of materials and most reliable materials as the industry's requirements continue to become more and more demanding. Chemours is privileged to play a small yet vital role to enable the industry to achieve many of its goals on an ever more ambitious road map.

Chemours is committed to continuing support to the Semicon Industry, and expects that through our our partnerships, we can continue to contribute to the success of the industry with more technological accomplishments in the years and generations ahead.

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