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Teflon™ PFA HP Plus

Chemours in the Semicon Manufacturing Industry

Teflon™ PFA HP Plus—Improved polymer performance

Increased flex life

The new generation of Teflon™ PFA HP Plus provides higher flex life and better processing.

MIT flex is a laboratory test where a film of plastic is continuously bent and flexed until it breaks.

Melt flow rate is a quantified comparison of processability with higher numbers indicating easier processing.

As indicated by this chart, flex life is balanced with processability. For example, consider instances where the manufacture of a component with complicated geometry requires an easy processing polymer. Teflon™ PFA HP Plus provides flex life AND processability. The 940 type of PFA HP Plus is comparable in flex life to PFA HP 450, but can be injection molded as easily as PFA HP 440.

Increased flex life, potential fluorosurfactant problems
Discussions with semicon manufacturers using fluorosurfactants in their processes indicate that polymers roughly in the region shown can be mechanically affected by these wetting agents. The problem occurs in plastics and is known as environmental stress cracking.

Teflon™ PFA HP Plus is designed to provide resistance to fluorosurfactants and other environmental stress crack agents.

Polymer morphology
The same enhancements in morphology—smaller spherulites in a toughened mechanical structure—that improve flex resistance also improve resistance to environmental stress cracking.

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