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Teflon™ AF Grades

Teflon™ AF amorphous fluoroplastic resin is available in two grades:

Powdered Resin [.pdf]
AF 1600
AF 2400


Solution [.pdf]
AF 2400 1%
AF 1601 6%
AF 1601 18%


Product Attributes

Tg 160°C and Tg 240°C; high thermal, chemical, mechanical, and electrical stability; soluble in selected perfluorinated solvents (3M Company FC40, and others).

Fabricated Products
High gas permeability, high compressibility, high creep resistance, low thermal conductivity, optical transparency over wide wavelength range, lowest dielectric constant of any known solid polymer, lowest index of refraction of any known polymer.


Typical Applications

  • gas separation membranes
  • fiber optic core and cladding
  • optical lenses
  • anti-reflective coating
  • mold release coating
  • hydrophobic coating
  • various molded- or solution-processed parts
  • deep UV-resistant films and components
  • interlayer dielectric