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Teflon™ AF Applications

The Teflon™ AF family of amorphous fluoroplastics excels in a wide range of innovative areas. Developmental applications are currently under evaluation for optical fiber cladding, photolithography, and as an electronic dielectric for the next generation of high-speed computer circuits.

Learn more about Teflon™ AF application opportunities from these Case Studies:

Optical Materials

The properties of Teflon™ AF, including optical clarity, low refractive index, and exceptional UV stability and UV transmission capability, make it an ideal candidate for optical devices for medicine, military, and aerospace industry.

Teflon™ AF amorphous fluoroplastics can function as a clear coating for optical devices requiring a low refractive index and yet perform in aggressive chemical environments over a wide range of use temperatures and light waves (UV-IR)-performance with clarity. Possible applications include lens covers for microwave, radar and optical devices; optical cladding; optoelectronic devices; UV cells and windows; passivation and protective coatings; and anti-reflective coatings for optical devices.

Semiconductors and Processing Materials

Pure and chemically inert, Teflon™ AF is well-suited for semiconductor processing materials. Teflon™ AF also offers the benefits of good dimensional stability, reduced mold shrinkage, a smooth surface, and rigidity at high-use temperatures. Also, as the drive for higher data transmission and processing speed increases and the size of integrated circuits shrinks, Teflon™ AF can provide the critical electrical properties for the next generation of computer chips.

Dielectric Materials

Teflon™ AF has the lowest known dielectric constant (1.89-1.93) of any plastic material. It is being evaluated as a dielectric for high-density and hybrid integrated circuits. It also possesses a low dielectric constant even at gigahertz frequencies, a low dissipation factor, low moisture sensitivity, good dimensional stability, and a high Tg. And, because of its mechanical stiffness, Teflon™ AF is easy to mold and spin cast, important factors for dielectric materials. Applications may also exist for passivation layers and for encapsulation for hybrid/sandwich integrated circuit packaging.

Release Materials

Low surface-free energy, low moisture absorption, and solution coating capability combine to make Teflon™ AF suitable as a coating or film for release materials. And the ability to produce very thin coatings in the micron level allows Teflon™ AF to be used as a release coating for other substrates to render them non-stick surfaces.

Specialized Chemical/Industrial Materials

The Teflon™ AF family of amorphous fluoroplastics is stiff, creep-resistant, and inert to chemical attack. Teflon™ AF can be fabricated into thin films and coatings and smooth-surfaced products, and also molded into high-performance mechanical parts that can function in severe exposure conditions of high temperature, chemicals, and destructive environmental agents. These characteristics provide processors exceptional flexibility and make Teflon™ AF an excellent candidate for the demanding and stringent conditions that exist in the military and the electronic, chemical, and aerospace industries.

Fiber Optics

Teflon™ AF is well-suited for fiber optics applications because of its low refractive index and exceptional optical clarity throughout the range from ultraviolet into infrared wavelengths.

Integrated Optics

Because of the optical and electrical properties of Teflon™ AF, opportunities exist for the material to function in transmitting and sensing data for integrated optics systems.

Biomedical Materials

Teflon™ AF can be solution coated onto other substrates to enhance biocompatibility for optical sensing and diagnostic applications. Initial evaluations indicate possibilities for use as potential separation media for gases and liquids.

Other Applications

Teflon™ AF may be an appropriate replacement for corrosion-resistant coatings for electronics or replacement of current technology in other high-tech applications. Consider Teflon™ AF for high-permeability membrane applications for gas separation. In addition to the applications described here, Chemours is actively investigating other ways that Teflon™ AF can meet today's and tomorrow's material challenges. Chemours will also consider development activities to help you meet specific needs or develop new applications for future markets.

How many ways can you think of to use Teflon™ AF? The potential applications are limitless-and so are the opportunities. To find out how Teflon™ AF can solve your most difficult requirements or to learn about performance features, contact us.

CAUTION: Do not use in medical applications involving permanent implantation in the human body. For other medical applications, refer to the Chemours Medical Caution Statement.