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Teflon™ Fluoroplastic Foam Resin FFR 880

Teflon™ Fluoroplastic Foam Resin FFR 880

Developed to meet the demand for superior micro coaxial designs required for manufacturing compact electronic devices.

This new insulator supports high-speed data transmissions with minimal distortion and exceptional signal return loss and attenuation performance in ultra-thin wire and cable applications.

Features and Benefits

Teflon™ fluoroplastic foam resin FFR 880 is an alternative to expanded PTFE tape with characteristics that ease the manufacturing process:

• Melt-processable with a high melting point (305˚ C)
• Higher service temperature to withstand elevated assembly
   temperatures (260˚ C)
• Superior dielectric-to-conductor adhesion for ultra micro
   coaxial designs
• High melt-flow rate ideally suited for applications requiring a
   high processing speed
• Proprietary nucleating package produces small, uniform foam
   cell structure
• Resists flareback from soldering operations
• Best choice for sub-miniature, thin-wall cables
• Comparable electrical performance to expanded PTFE tape


Teflon™ FFR 880 Fluoropolymer Foam ResinTeflon™ fluoroplastic foam resin FFR 880 provides the wire and cable industries with a foam resin that increases electrical performance, especially in thin-walled applications required for micro designs for end-use electronics such as medical, entertainment and aerospace devices.

With an increased versatility, Teflon™ fluoroplastic foam resin FFR 880 offers wire and cable manufacturers with a superior alternative for small-use applications used in medical devices such as probe cable for endoscopes and ultra micro coaxial foam cable for the medical ultrasound probe cable.

Other end-use applications include micro coaxial foam cable for the wireless antenna cable of electronic devices, micro foam wire for mini and micro HDMI cable, foam wire and cable for the aircraft entertainment system, and foam jacket to protect the optical fiber for aerospace applications.


Download a Technical Data Sheet on Teflon™ FFR 880.