Teflon™ Fabric Protector for Partners

Environmental Advantages of Teflon EcoElite™ Renewably Sourced Finish

Clear Performance Advantages

  • Helped prevent the need to wash or spot clean because liquids beaded up and rolled off.
  • Eliminated ring around the collar, reducing detergent use and repetitive washing.
  • Removed stains at lower wash temperatures versus untreated fabrics.
  • Allowed fabrics to dry 25 percent faster than untreated fabrics using either tumble dry or air dry.

Additional Consumer Environmental Benefits

  • Clothes stay better looking longer so you can live, work, and play without worrying about your clothes
  • Save money—clothes spend 40% less time in the dryer and can use 50% less hot water
  • Using less energy and less resources, reducing your carbon footprint
  • Extending the life of your clothing—so it stays out of landfills longer

The following information highlights benefit of the chemistry for Teflon EcoElite™:

  • Regional regulatory authorities have reviewed finish and have given permission for its manufacture and use
  • Final is non-fluorinated and has been recognized as a USDA Certified Biobased Product, 60% renewably sourced content of plant-based raw material
  • Finish has been evaluated and approved for use by many leading Brands
  • Finish is compliant with the ZDHC MRSL (Materials Restricted Substances List), AAFA RSL, and many Brand RSLs (Restricted Substances Lists)
  • Finish was independently assessed and determined to be equivalent to a GreenScreen® Benchmark 3 chemical
  • Finish has been assessed using the GHS Column Model. Our GHS Column Model assessment compared eleven commercially available non-fluorinated DWR products and our finish rated best
  • The Chemours Company FC, LLC, is a bluesign® system partner and finish is bluesign® approved and listed in the bluesign® bluefinder under The Chemours Company