Teflon™ Fabric Protector

Learn what makes Teflon™ fabric protector the leader in durable water repellency and stain & soil protection.   » Teflon™ Fabric Protector
Teflon EcoElite™ Finish
Teflon EcoElite™ finish is the first renewably sourced, non-fluorinated fabric treatment for durable water repellency and is manufactured with 63 percent renewably sourced raw materials.
» Teflon EcoElite™ Renewably Sourced Finish
Brand Assurance & Licensing
When you choose Teflon™ fabric protector, you can rest assured that your products have met rigorous repellent and/or stain protection standards.   » Brand Assurance & Licensing
Hangtags & Logo
As one of the best known trademarks in the world, the Teflon™ brand name can help reinforce the quality of your product, increase customer demand and enlarge market share.
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Environmental Advantages of Teflon™
Learn more about the environmental benefits of choosing products with Teflon™ fabric protector.
» Environmental Advantages of Teflon™
Literature & Marketing Materials
View collateral materials, print advertisements and the Brand Newsletter for Partners, all designed to provide you with relevant, useful information.
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Trade Activities
Learn more about activity happening in the Americas, Asia Pacific and EMEA regions.
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