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Teflon™ Down and Feather Protector

Teflon™ down and feather protector helps keep down-filled products performing their best.


Now, more than ever, durability is important to consumers. In today’s economic environment, they expect more value and longevity from the apparel and products they purchase.

Down & Feather Protector | Teflon™ Fabric Protector
• Teflon™ has its lasting power keeping down-filled products looking and performing like new longer — in many cases, for the useful life of the product.

• Down and feathers absorb less moisture from the elements and during washing. The treatment also reduces friction among feathers, keeping them whole and making automatic filling easier.

• When less moisture is absorbed, feather and down-filled products dry faster, retain their warmth rating and fullness, and plump up easier after laundering.

• Teflon™ down and feather protector will not alter the natural breathability of feathers.

• For a total solution to down- and feather-filled products, the fabric shell can be finished with Teflon™ fabric protector so fabrics stay dry and clean, and can dry faster after laundering.


Teflon™ down and feather protector helps reduce moisture in a variety of applications, such as jackets, snow pants, sleeping bags, gloves, pillows and comforters.

Brand Assurance

Products with the Teflon™ brand logo indicate that the down and feathers have been properly treated and rigorously tested by qualified laboratories to pass stringent Chemours quality standards.

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