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For Men That Do It All: Buying Tips For Work Wear


(NAPS) — Some of today’s hottest stars include hosts of home makeover shows who are reigniting a national do-it-yourself fever, as well as race car drivers who inspire men everywhere to look under the hoods in their own garages. Buying Tips for Work Wear - Teflon™ Fabric ProtectorWith so much inspiration to become a jack-of-all-trades, it is no wonder that work wear today has gotten a revamp at retail, with details that allow it to be worn off of the worksite and into the weekend.

New technologies are improving the function of the clothing, as well. Here are just a few things to look for when purchasing work wear:

• Consider the weight and feel of the fabric and such factors as reinforced stitching and grommets at pockets and other areas that withstand a lot of wear.

• Fit and comfort are extremely important. Make certain the clothing is cut in such a way that it can be worn for the duration of the job. It should allow for freedom of movement and not pull across the back when arms are crossed.

• Waterproofing may be important for some items.

• Factor in moisture management and breathability. New technologies and fabrics can increase your comfort by wicking away wetness, helping to maintain body temperature.

• Look for an assortment of styles. These days you can find everything from denim jeans and khaki trousers to button-down Henleys, canvas jackets and vests. Work wear manufacturers know that many men choose work wear that performs while making a cool fashion statement. In response, work wear brands have played up fashion touches in their lines, which are often available in traditionally popular menswear colors — with olive, brown, black and navy dominating.

• Determine what has been done to improve stain repellency and washability. For example, the new Craftsman™ work wear line, available at Sears in stores and online, is treated with Teflon™ fabric protector, which resists and repels stains as varied as mechanic’s grease, mud and grass, making washing easier.

“Teflon™ stain protected Craftsman™ work wear is so effective that workmen have been known to literally peel asphalt right off their pants after a particularly messy workday,” said Lisa Hardy, Chemours marketing manager. “Water- and oil-based spills just run right off the fabric, and ground-in stains dissipate in water.”

For more information visit www.teflon.com/workwear.