Teflon™ Fabric Protector

Reducing your environmental impact

Because Teflon™ textile finishes helps repel and release stains, it can reduce the need for laundering and dry cleaning. That means you’ll be doing less washing, using lower wash and dry temperatures and have less wear and tear on fabrics. By helping you reduce your water and energy usage and increasing the fabric’s usable life, Teflon™ textile finishes helps you have less impact on the planet.

In testing, items treated with Teflon™ textile finishes:

  • Helped prevent the need to wash or spot clean because liquids beaded up and rolled off.
  • Eliminated ring around the collar, reducing detergent use and repetitive washing.
  • Removed stains at lower wash temperatures versus untreated fabrics.
  • Allowed fabrics to dry 25 percent faster than untreated fabrics using either tumble dry or air dry.

Less laundering and scrubbing means fabrics treated with Teflon™ look newer longer.  Make the right choice, choose Teflon™ textile finishes. 

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