Why offer Teflon™ Carpet Protector to your Customers?

Satisfied customers lead to repeat business...and more customers!

Suggesting the application of Teflon™ carpet protector to your customers is offering them a real value. Because Teflon™ carpet protector keeps your customer's carpets looking cleaner longer, their satisfaction with your cleaning will increase and so will your repeat business and referrals to friends and relatives. Nothing helps a business to grow faster than quality products and word-of-mouth advertising. Recent surveys show that 95% of customers are satisfied with the performance of Teflon™ carpet protector.

Consumers know and trust the Teflon™ brand!

Teflon™ is a household word. 99% of consumers know and trust the name and know what it stands for. They know how Teflon™ nonstick cookware coatings keeps food from sticking to pots and pans, so it's easy for them to understand how the same technology can keep dirt, grime, and stains from "sticking" to carpet fibers. Selling Teflon™ carpet protector is your assurance to your customers that you are providing the best carpet protector in the industry.

You'll be doing your business a real service too!

Because Teflon™ carpet protector is easy to sell. You are already at the site and the Teflon™ carpet protector application is a quick and easy way to finish the job right—see Application Directions.

Of course Teflon™ carpet protector is safe and easy to use.

Teflon™ carpet protector is CFC-free and safe for cleaners, families and pets. It dries quickly with no unpleasant odors.

Help your cleaning crews sell Teflon™ carpet protector on every job.

Give them the facts they will need to sell Teflon™ carpet protector to every customer, This knowledge will help them sell more applications of Teflon™ carpet protector, building customer satisfaction and long term profitability for your business.