Press Release

Chemours is teaming up with Bridgewater LLC to drive innovation and growth with the Teflon™ brand in the professionally applied aftermarket carpet protector market. Effective immediately Bridgewater LLC will exclusively represent the Teflon™ brand in the professional carpet protector aftermarket. Bridgewater LLC has the unique technical and marketing resources to develop and grow sales of quality professional carpet protectors that live up to the high standards of the Teflon™ brand. Teflon™ brand carpet protector will be available through most industry distributors.   Teflon™ carpet protector is available at Bridgepoint Systems, Interlink Supply, and Hydro-Force distributors.
Customer Care

Consumers looking for Teflon™ Carpet Protector
Look in your local Yellow Pages or search online for your local carpet cleaner, be sure to ask them if they carry Teflon™ carpet protector.


Are you a Carpet Cleaning Professional looking for Teflon™ Carpet Protector or have questions?
Order product from Interlink Supply or contact Bridgewater at 800-658-5314 press option 3 for customer care or email