Good for Your Customers &
Good for Your Business

Teflon™ carpet protector will improve customer satisfaction and increase profitability on the job.

When you suggest Teflon™ carpet protector, you're offering your customers a geniune value-added service, and customer satisfaction is the best ingredient for success

Why offer Teflon™ carpet protector to your customers?

Satisfied customers lead to repeat business ... and more customers.  » More
Easy Application
Teflon™ carpet protector is applied after a carpet has been properly cleaned. It is applied by spray application, dries quickly, and leaves no odor. » More
Get answers to questions about Teflon™ carpet protector. » More
Technical Information
Get technical information on Teflon™ carpet protector fluorchemical dispersion. » More
Contacts and How to Order
Teflon™ carpet protector is available through our network of Master Distributors. Find out how to contact them.  As well as how to order. » More
Gets the latest news for cleaning professionals about Teflon™ carpet protector. » More