From ironing your clothes to turning out waffles on a Sunday morning, life is smoother with the Teflon™ brand. You'll get the same high level of performance that you've grown to expect with your cookware coated with Teflon™ nonstick coatings. Teflon™ is a brand you can trust to make your life easier.

Cookware Products

Our cookware, bakeware, and small electrics have become essentials for today's modern kitchen. Discover the fun and ease that Teflon™ nonstick can bring to cooking, and be sure to look for new recipes and updates in our Carefree Cooking Magazine.
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Apparel & Accessories :: Products made with Teflon™
Apparel & Accessories
Teflon™ fabric protector helps keep garments looking new longer, no matter what life throws at them. See how Teflon™ brand repellents and stain protective finishes keep fashions looking new and easy to care for.
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Contract & Technical Fabrics :: Products made with Teflon™
Contract & Technical Fabrics
Whether in a restaurant, hotel, office or other demanding location, fabrics treated with Teflon™ fabric protector outsmart stains by fending off unsightly splashes and spots, day after day, in a variety of applications.
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Home & Garden Products
Learn how Teflon™ fabric protection can provide the protection you need for your upholstery, carpet, and more.
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Paint Products & Accessories
The durability of paints and stains is improved thanks to Teflon™ surface protector.
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Personal Care Products
Step into the world of easy care with personal care products that are made with Teflon™.
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Teflon used in sports equipment
Recreation Products
Teflon™ is a beneficial ingredient for a variety of sports and recreation products.
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Transportation Products
Known for its nonstick properties, Teflon™ is a beneficial ingredient for a variety of transportation areas, including automotive interiors/exteriors and marine care products.
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