Future Foam Carpet Cushion with Teflon™ Surface Protector

A carpet is only as good as the pad underneath. With Future Foam Carpet Cushion with Teflon™ surface protector, you will experience a noticeable, luxurious and plush feel underfoot, without the sacrifice in durability.

Unlike traditional carpet padding, this carpet cushion is made with premium foam to ensure consistent cushioning that is durable enough to handle the traffic of everyday life.

Let’s face it, spills can happen at any time.  Teflon™ surface protector is a moisture barrier that keeps spills on the surface of the cushion for easier cleanup, even for spills as old as 24 hours. Liquids won’t penetrate the pad or the sub-flooring, which means protection from mold and mildew.

• No bumps or hard spots associated with lower quality pads
• Easy cleanup for spills
• Reduces possible growth of mold and mildew underneath the cushion
• Durability for the life of the home
• Three-year extended carpet wear warranty for any branded carpet

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Lasting performance
Future Foam Carpet Cushion with Teflon™ surface protector offers convenience, performance and protection, which in turn will leave you with peace of mind. See a floor covering dealer today to experience how this carpet cushion combines durability and protection from spills with incredible softness.