License the Teflon™ Brand - An Invisible Shield

It’s not a thing of make-believe, it’s the very idea behind Teflon® fabric protector. When you choose Teflon® fabric protector, you can rest assured that your products have met rigorous repellent and/or stain protection standards.

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Your partner in the kitchen for 50 years.

We didn’t just invent the nonstick cookware category; we are constantly perfecting It. For over fifty years, we’ve created a wealth of knowledge, expertise and ability that extends beyond the reach of our competitors. See it in our portfolio of products and in our new innovations of color, print designs and stone looks.

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Paving the way for a better experience behind the wheel.

Teflon® surface protector helps shield your wiper blades from becoming clogged with snow and ice and helps provide a more durable wheel that stays cleaner and has fewer scratches. Teflon® surface protector can be found in waxes and cleaners that help keep your vehicle looking newer, longer.

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Add a Little Color to your Life

Paint and paint accessories that are easy to use and easy to clean. Learn about all the different paint products with Teflon® surface protector, for use on interiors, exteriors, woods, and in marine environments. Teflon™ surface protector can also be used on paint accessories.

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Your Home is your Castle.

The Teflon® brand helps ensure it looks befitting of royalty.

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License the Teflon™ brand for your Industrial application

Industrial products developed with Teflon® fluoroplastics have exceptional resistance to high temperatures, chemical reaction, corrosion, and stress cracking. The properties of Teflon® make it the preferred solution for a host of industrial applications & processes. In addition, Teflon® industrial coatings versatility allows for almost unlimited application to a wide variety of products. To request Teflon® brand licensing information:

Industrial fluoroplastic resins & melts
      Industrial coatings

TeChef Print Designs:
TeChef wanted the best nonstick coatings for their cookware, they choose Teflon™ nonstick cookware coatings.

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Ju-Ju-Be BeQuick Wristlet:
Kids are naturally messy, Ju-Ju-Be needed a way to keep their cute bags looking great. Even babies don't mess with Teflon™ fabric protector.

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Treat your eyes to clearer, crisper vision:
Reflections don't mess with Carl Zeiss lenses with Teflon™ clear coat premium anti-reflective coating.

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