Taxing Times but Not on the Stovetop


In addition to Easter or Passover company this month, you’ve got the annual IRS deadline hovering, and it can get stressful.

So look for ways to change the subject, unwind and de-stress.

In the kitchen, for example, use your nonstick pans to roast the lamb, ham, chicken or pork you’re planning.

Pan roasting is a nice option, because you can brown the meat and not have to then transfer it to another pan for the oven. Brown the outside of your meat in a saute pan (high-sided skillet) with Teflon™ nonstick coatings and then cut the meat into portions. Use the pan to cook the meat through -- along with the vegetables and potatoes or other sides you’re serving. Cooking is fearless and cleanup easy with your nonsticks.

So, afterwards you may be able to get back to that 1040 filing – full, satisfied and ready to tackle that chore.