Who-Turned-Out-the-Lights Pasta Supper (Squid Ink Pasta)

  You might not serve this fettuccine on a normal night, but it’s the spooky season and time to give black squid ink a try.

The ink is in a sac in the fish and is released for predatory purposes by the squid. The ancients used the ink for writing; we most often know it to be a pasta-making ingredient.

In this dish, we add the body of the fish it comes from, cooking up calamari as though it were the whites of Halloween eyes -- to add to the spook factor.

Cook the pasta and add melted butter. Coat the cut slices of calamari into ¾-inch or so pieces and saute them in a small skillet with Teflon™ nonstick coatings. Add to the pasta along with an edible flower for garnish; we chose the orange nasturtium for its Halloween color. Turn a little light onto the subject by sprinkling with Parmesan cheese.