Spicy Vanilla Iced Tea Latte Recipe

Servings: 4-6

Get the Saucepan!

Flavored ice cubes keep the tea from diluting. Adding edible flowers, whole herb leaves or berries to ice tray before filling, is fun and flavorful. Give yourself lead time to make ice cubes.  




4½ cups fresh water

3 cinnamon sticks

8 thin-slices fresh ginger

2 teaspoons whole cloves

6 each cardamom pods

6 star anise (more for cubes)

2 tablespoons chopped edible flowers or herbs


Spicy Vanilla Iced Tea Latte in a pan.
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In a 3-quart pour-spout pan featuring an advanced nonstick from the family of Teflon™ nonsticks, boil the water; add cinnamon to peppercorns; remove from heat; simmer 10 minutes to make a spice concentrate; strain concentrate into an ice cube tray (add star anise, flowers, mint in tray for interest if desired); freeze. Bring remaining brew back to boil; remove from heat; whisk in vanilla; add teabags; steep 8 minutes. Strain tea (should be 3½ cups) and chill an hour to cool down. Divide cubes into 4-6 glasses. Pour ⅔ cup tea into each glass; top with milk; stir & serve.