Caramelized Onions Recipe

Servings: 5-6 cups

Get the Pan!

Our cookout must-have relish has only 2 ingredients plus an ounce of the cook’s patience. Cooking is low/slow, drawing out the onions’ sugars, for a toffee-flavored, caramel-colored condiment for grilled meats, chickens seafood, or cold summer meals.    




2 medium purple onions

4 medium yellow onions

¼ cup (½ stick butter)


Caramelized Onions in a pan.
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Trim onion ends; peel. Cut in half; then into ¼-inch slices. Place in a large shallow skillet with Teflon™ nonstick coating. Cover and sweat/steam medium-low 8 minutes. Uncover; cook off liquid; add butter; turn heat to med-low; sweat, turning often 30 minutes or until caramel-colored. Serve, or store in fridge.