Minty Meringues Recipe

Servings: 120 drops

Get the Cookie Pan!

Beaten egg-white shapes dry in an oven with crispy outside and marshmallowy inside.  Use cleanest tools and freshest egg whites without even a speck of yolk in the whites.  Drop by the tablespoon if you don't have piping bag or cake decorating tips.




4 large cold eggs, separated

¼ teaspoon cream of tartar

1 cup sugar, superfine preferred

1 teaspoon peppermint extract

Gel food color(s) of choice


Minty Meringues in a cookie.
[Click for larger image] 


Sit whites in bowl to room temp. Beat pale yellow on med/low. Raise to medium; beat in tartar. Raise to med/high; slowly add sugar; beating to glossy stiff peaks. Beat in peppermint. Set oven to 225°. Inside snipped piping bag, brush stripes with food gel. Add whites halfway; twist bag closed. Squeeze & pull up for drops; use serrated tip for swirls. Pipe onto baking pans coated with Teflon ™ nonstick. Oven dry 45-50 minutes. Turn off; keep oven closed 2 hours. Slip off pans; serve or store airtight in fridge..