Tiny Tomato Sauce Recipe

Servings: 3 - 4 cups sauce

Get the Pan!

Serve over pasta as is or with Mozzarella a la Caprese. Great over chicken or fish, too.




8-10 ounces dried pasta

1 cup reserved pasta water

2 tablespoons olive oil​​​

1 large garlic clove chopped

2 pints cherry or grape tomatoes

Salt & pepper

Pinch sugar

Handful chopped fresh basil


Pasta and tiny tomato sauce in a bowl.
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Cook pasta to package directions, reserving a cup pasta water. As pasta cooks, heat oil in a large skillet with Teflon™ nonstick coating and let garlic soften (don't brown) over medium-low heat. Add tomatoes and as their skins unzip, press lightly with a spatula to help hasten release of the pulp. When sauce thickens, stir in pasta water to make sauce creamier. Taste and season with salt, pepper, sugar, basil. Stir pasta into the sauce and serve.