Apple-Sage Mac 'n Cheese Recipe

Servings: 6

Get the Pan!

Chutney makes this special for holiday entertaining and makes it more gummy – the smooth chew we love in mac 'n cheese. Available everywhere, chutney adds a sweet/savory elegance, friendly enough to get yippees from the kid's table, too! Can make ahead: Transfer to bake pan, cover with foil; heat in oven 350° to warm.




1 pound dried medium-size pasta of choice

¼ cup (½ stick butter)

¼ cup flour

2 teaspoons dried sage

½ cup heavy cream

2 cups grated sharp yellow Cheddar

1 cup grated Gruyere or Swiss cheese

1 cup diced Brie cheese

3 strips cooked applewood-smoked bacon, minced

⅓ cup apple chutney

Holiday miniature Lady Apples, thinly sliced, optional


Photo of Apple Sage Mac 'n Cheese Dish on a Holiday Table.
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In a large saucepan, coated with Teflon™ nonstick, cook pasta in salted water (undercook rather than over); drain and transfer. Return pan to stovetop. Melt butter, whisking in flour; add sage. Whisk in milk, cream. Cook stirring occasionally over medium heat, til bubbly &thick; stir in cheeses, bacon, and chutney. Serve sprinkled with apple and bacon bits.