Pear-o’-Hearts Tarts

Servings: 4 tarts

Easy and fun to make, this recipe can be served as an appetizer by cutting the rectangles into bite-size pieces after baked, or leave whole and serve with a side salad for lunch. Serve in heart-shaped paper plates and top with a few rose petals.



2 tablespoons coconut oil

1 small onion, finely diced

1 sheet frozen puff pastry, thawed

1 cup Ricotta cheese

½ cup chopped roasted peppers

2 Bartlett pears, peeled, cored, and thinly sliced

4 ounces Smoked Gouda cheese, cut into ¼-inch cubes

½ cup thin sliced fresh fennel

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Preheat the oven to 400°. In a small skillet with Teflon™ nonstick coating, heat the oil and sauté the onions for about 5 minutes over medium heat; set aside.

On a work surface, roll out the puff pastry to a 13 x 10-inch rectangle. Cut the pastry into four 6½- x 5-inch rectangles. Create a ½-inch border using a paring knife, by scoring all around the rectangle. Transfer to a baking sheet with Teflon™ nonstick coating. Spread the Ricotta evenly over the rectangles and scatter the peppers on top of each. Layer the pear slices in overlapping rows and then add the onion mixture and cheese. Bake 10 minutes and then sprinkle on the fennel. Bake another 10 minutes or until the pears is tender and the cheese is a golden brown. Cut out into heart-shaped pieces; add a Valentine paper heart to each and serve.

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