Pancetta with Farm Market Green Beans recipe

Servings: 4

To make green beans look bright and emerald-like, plunge them into a bowl of ice cubes and water right after cooking. Then immediately take them out so that they are still warm enough to serve.



1 pound green beans, trimmed
2 slices pancetta or bacon
Salt and pepper

Pancetta with Farm Market Green Beans recipe | Teflon™
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Steam the green beans in water and a steamer pan. Meanwhile, cook the pancetta. In a small skillet (we used the smaller Technique™ Enamel Light Weight Cast Iron Frypan with Teflon™ Scratchguard™ Ultra nonstick coating), sauté the pancetta until lightly browned. Drain on a paper towel and then cut into a dice. Plate the beans and stir in the pancetta and serve.   

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