Ready for Anything…Including Your Nonsticks

 --During holiday cooking, you may come across a few recipes that call for only a small amount of broth. So you have to open a package and do something with the rest or it will go bad.

Plan in advance and always have small amounts of broth ready to go. Here’s how: Let your Teflon™ coated nonstick cupcake tins do double duty. Simply freeze the broth in the cups and once-frozen, turn the pan upside down to release. The broth slips out of the pan easily and you can repackage all of the broth cups into a freezer baggie for future use.


--From stuffings to soup bases and crudités, it’s hard to believe you don’t have plans for celery in a recipe for the holiday dinner. Keep at least a whole bunch on hand. Sometimes you will come up short on a salad, for example, and you can always add celery slice. Celery also adds color when that is lacking on a plate.


--Fruit is not just for the end of the meal. Keep plenty on hand for garnishes, and find fresh mint that goes with everything from appetizer to the turkey itself, or even dessert.

--Check out this traditional iced coffee cake that resembles a holiday wreath. We love this at our house because it says bring on Christmas. Keep an extra cake in the freezer ready to take out in case a guest in charge of the dessert forgets it or brings a dessert that just does not seem right for the meal. Always have a backup coffeecake like this one on hand.