Go Ahead, Turn the Page, and Suck Up to A Noodle!

 Before you get even halfway through author Jen Lin-Liu’s On the Noodle Road, your tongue is wagging to get to the nearest noodle restaurant for a dumpling or an order of noodle soup.

You don’t know what you need more – the noodle – or to keep turning the pages of the book you simply can’t put down.

Chicago born Lin-Liu explores every aspect of the noodle in Iran, China, Central Asia, Turkey, and, of course, Italy to discover just how pasta came about.

You are entertained as the author braves sandstorms, cultural divides -- like being the only woman shopping in certain areas, to cooking up fried rice in a wok the size of a truck tire, all in search of the best in pasta from Beijing to Rome.

Great characters you meet along the way include a Buddhist chef. This funny and informative journey sends you in search of a tasty bowl to start slurping -- something the book also teaches you how to do with respect!