Place Setting of the Month


Table settings don’t have to be fancy to be festive. Inspired by the fresh herbs of summer, green is the focus here, taking its cue from the basil of the quiche and arugula and rosemary on the salad and ham plates.

The table also tells another tale, though, and one not just decoratively speaking.

There is a hierarchy of table setting, and so here are a few tips from our Teflon™ nonstick coatings kitchen:

  • Seat no more than 12 at a table or it will be hard for everyone to talk to one another;
  • seat like-minded guests together for ease of conversation;
  • the host needs to be seated closest to the kitchen for serving purposes;
  • separate couples so there is more interaction;
  • place-cards are not out of style and they relieve the host of figuring out who should sit where at the last minute, making the decision smooth rather than awkward.