Meet the Editor, Gail Greco

Cook, food journalist, and award-winning author, Gail works with a team of cooking professionals to bring you recipes, inspirations, and ideas for your kitchen at home every month.

Many of you know her from her award-winning PBS-TV series, Country Inn Cooking; through her many cookbooks; and her other culinary TV shows, such as World Class Cuisine on the Discovery Channel. Gail was also a featured guest on "Modern Cuisine," hosted by Loni Anderson, that aired on PAX cable and Food TV networks.

Now, Gail applies her considerable expertise and energy to help bring Carefree Cooking from Teflon™ to kitchens all over the world. Working together with the experts at Chemours, Gail helps you build your confidence and creativity to make Carefree Cooking a part of your life, and shows you how to do all that with fun, excitement, and knowledge, so that cooking becomes as much an adventure as it is an experience.


Variety is the spice of life
Carefree Cooking Recipes

"Variety is the spice of life" as they say, and with our carefree cooking recipes, you can add as much spice to your life as you want and still be in and out of the kitchen with minimal hassle.