Shop for Your Health: Like to Be a Fly on the Shopping Cart?

Ever wonder what a healthy shopper goes through when buying groceries? These 5 suggestions we use when buying ingredients for the recipes we create with Teflon™ nonstick coatings are great for your family and friends, too:

1. Don’t shop when you are hurried. And if you’re running in for one ingredient on the way home, just get that, and wait until you have time to shop for healthier food.

2. Forget bargains and focus on quality; buy less to afford the best.

3. The old adage about not shopping when you are hungry curbs you from impulse buys that aren’t healthy.

4. Shop the produce aisle first so you have more energy in the most important area. This also triggers more healthy meal choices as you shop the rest of the store.

5. Look for labels that have few ingredients, indicating more of a whole food.