Organize: The Pans of Least Resistance


As we mentioned in the Overheard at the Bistro section this month, some new pans are making a hit with the short-on-space scene. But they are also smart for a large kitchen, because they keep everything organized in one small stack.

The pans stack neatly on top of each other, as do their flat, glass lids. When you’re busy cooking, you can reach-and-go cook by pulling out a stack – one-stop shopping in the pot closet -- that might have a colander with the pan as pictured here in this stack that is sold as a set.

You can also use that same “colander” as a steamer.

Another stack, like this one, might have a saucepan with a small skillet – ideal for boiling the eggs while cooking up the bacon and only reaching once into the closet.  Even the flat pan lids are stackable -- with shatter-resistant glass that inverts for stacking.

Stax Living is a company dedicated to space-efficient living, using Teflon™ nonstick coatings in the stacking pans, which make the little pan towers even easier to use.

So, while you are spring cleaning: Out the door with old pans, and take a look at the Stax that give a whole lot back. 


Look for several pan size and style options at Bed, Bath and Beyond.