Here are some helpful cooking videos, tips, and FAQs to help you prepare healthy meals in less time, with better tasting results.

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Cooking Safely
Cooking Safely Teflon™ brand presents cooking safety videos, featuring Trim & Terrific™ cookbook author Holly Clegg and TV personality Joe Farrell.

Getting Started
Holly and Joe show it is possible to cook a delicious, healthy meal without spending all day in the kitchen. This video includes cooking preparations such as paying attention to air ventilation, eliminating kitchen distractions and preheating the pan.

Cooking Safely Video
Cooking Safely Good Food
With the ground rules laid out, Holly and Joe prepare a fast, easy, and tasty Chicken Primavera recipe. This video includes everyday kitchen safety tips and the value of quality cookware.

Cooking Safely
Cooking Safely Easy Cleaning
Holly shows Joe one of the greatest benefits of Teflon™ nonstick coatings - easy cleanup. This video includes cooking basics, kitchen mishaps, and cleanup. And, when they're done, time for a little dessert.

Cooking Safely Video