Cabin-In-The-Woods Cooking

  Summer has its grill cuisine at the barbecue – easy cooking for novices. And the same goes for Fall over a campfire for novices, who – with the help of the GSI Outdoor Bugaboo Camper (found on GSI's website)– can simply open a can and warm over the fire.

The set of nested pots and pans also includes dishes and cutlery. The cookware has the added benefit of easy cleanup and no need for added fats, because it is made with Teflon™ Radiance nonstick coatings, specifically complementary to this type of cooking, which distributes the heat

from the center out. It’s lightweight and yet rugged. So if you haven’t camped before, this will steer you in that direction! If you have cooked over a campfire, this will make it the easiest you have ever had it!