Answer:  Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D. brings the two together in his new cookbook called True Food.

The book offers easy, clean recipes for eating pure food that is also healing in nature and can even be considered preventative medicine of a sort from the noted PBS-TV forerunner of integrative medicine in recent times.

His recipes are wily only in the colloquial context of his name -- meaning artful and creative.

There is nothing on-the-fringe about this cookbook except that it challenges us by employing ingredients differently and using unusual ingredients like meatballs made from bison or giving sashimi preparation a try with a little snapper. A sweet potato poblano soup or scallops with kale pesto recipe will be keepers in your kitchen.

Like his cookbook, Dr. Weil’s restaurants call for more veggies in a dish than meat – a new way of looking at portion sizes, which he also addresses for better health.