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Sulfur Technologies from Chemours

Chemours Sulfur Products & Services

A leader in sulfuric acid manufacturing since 1865, the Chemours Sulfur Products business offers a variety of products and services, leading technical support, and a world-class safety reputation to meet our customer needs.

We set the standard for what it means to be a stable, reliable U.S. supplier with eight manufacturing locations to consistently deliver a portfolio of products and services suited for applications ranging from fertilizers and petroleum refining to pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals.

Sulfuric Acid

Chemours has been involved in the sulfuric acid business since 1865, delivering sulfuric acid on horse-drawn wagons. Today, we continue to be the benchmark for plant operations and services.



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Sulfur Trioxide

Chemours offers two grades of SO3 — stabilized and un-stabilized. The stabilized grade stops the formation of higher melting forms.



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Chlorosulfonic Acid

Preferred in many applications because it's strong without being as destructive as sulfur trioxide.



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Oleum is the term used to describe fuming sulfuric acids.



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Chemours Sulfur Services

As a recognized world leader in chemical manufacturing we deliver not only the products, but the related services our customers demand to improve their operational processes.



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Packages / Transportation

Chemours uses top-of-the line delivery systems for sulfuric acid, sulfur trioxide, CSA and oleum.



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