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Uses & Applications

StreaMax™ Coating Systems can be a universal solution for all your flow assurance and corrosion-protection needs.  Learn more about the benefits of  StreaMax™ Coating Systems to your oil and gas field operations:

Competitive Advantage

  • Potential for increased flow throughput rate from reduced surface roughness, reduced drag and plugging
  • Improve output productivity with less downtime

Corrosion Protection Capability

  • Reduce potential for pipe replacement in an operating well
  • Preserve your investment against the cost of replacing failed equipment
  • Reduce the cost of maintaining and repairing damaged equipment and subsequent downtime
  • Improve overall maintenance
    • Reduced chemical maintenance and work-over operation costs
    • Reduced downtime


Chemours Technical Management and Expertise

  • Tech service available in every region
  • Consultation available from start-up and at major implementation steps

Case Study

Latin America
Production Tubing Coated with StreaMax

A universal solution for flow assurance and corrosion protection.

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