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Technical Information

The StreaMax™ XF Coating Systems for Oil and Gas Well Tubulars feature the following:

  • Multi-layered system, with each layer having a specific engineered function
  • Holiday-free surface throughout the pipe
  • Uniform adhesion to metal substrate
  • Excellent non-stick and product release properties
  • Extremely wide operating temperature range (from -100°C to 260°C to –150°F to 500°F continuous operating temperature)
  • Resistant to high pressures (up to 10,000 psi) and rapid decompression
  • Excellent chemical resistance from H2S and CO2 gases and all acids and bases, even at high temperature
  • Very low friction coefficient

Demonstrated Results with StreaMax™ XF Coating


Autoclave lab test results Unaffected after 29 days of exposure at 1026 psi and 122°C (251°F) gas phase (5% H2S, 5% CO2, 90% methane), organic phase (kerosene, toluene), and brine phase
Paraffin cold finger tests 60% less buildup vs. bare steel and other coatings
Paraffin flow loop tests 60% less deposition with StreaMax™ XF coatings vs. bare steel at turbulent flow
Asphaltene flow loop tests 66% reduction in asphaltene deposits with StreaMax™ XF coatings vs. bare steel
Scale tests Over 50% deposit reduction with StreaMax™ XF coatings vs. bare steel
Live well tests In a Western Canada well having a long history of asphaltene problems, using coupons suspended at the reservoir bottom for 21 days, no deposits were found on tubulars lined with StreaMax™ XF coatings.
High-pressure flow loop tests Tests using entrained sand have confirmed abrasion resistance properties.